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Gallery Art

     This piece is called "Giiiiirl".
I have been trying to find ways
to move my passion into a
more fine art realm. "Giiiiirl"
came from that frame of
mind. And wasn't named till
I looked at her face and that
         was what she said. 

This piece "baby Sister" comes
From two places. One coming
from wanting to make a scene 
of love between family, and the
other showing non cliche black 
                        hair tropes.  

Sheena's picture.jpg

This piece was commissioned
by the lovely lady in the picture.
She wanted an Ernie Barnes 
type dancing art piece. I gave
that and added my Crumbbum
                     flavor too. 


main steve pic.png

    Another commission for  his 
mother. He wanted his Dad and
brother recreated in my style.
                   so I obliged.



This was a joke piece made for
an Inktober prompt "Precious".
   I liked it so much I ended up
      entering it to my local art 


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