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    Presentation Art


    These are slides from the  
department of VA TMS classes
     We make these for yearly
    training. This one was made 
            using power point.


Another slide Made on power point.
mainly made for information on
company diversity. This is an issue 
I highly agree with and it was very 
     informative researching it.  


EEO graph.JPG
VA Suicide prevention.JPG

Being a Veteran, Veteran suicide
has affected me. Losing several 
friends after we made it through
a war was devastating. So working
on these really was a labor of love.  

Suicide prevention 2.JPG

Dispelling misinformation can really 
save lives. One by learning what to 
in the event, and by knowing when 
        to take a person seriously.  

Interactive pieces that help
break the monotony of a slide 
show is my favorite thing to 
make. I love animations and
adding small things to make 
what you see a little more fun.

EEO compliance.JPG
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