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                                                              Crumbbum  kids

As a child I loved to sit and read stories with my mom, and I loved to try and make my own with her. I would draw the pictures and she would write the stories that I would tell. I think back on that and I imagine how wonderful would that have been to have my stories made professionally when I was 5.  I thought it would be developmentally appropriate to make my art, my competence, and learning experience for younger children 5 to 10 and expose them at an early age to their own creativity and help them create their own children’s books. 


      The purpose of this non-Profit is to bring book creation to young boys and girls. I hope to foster a love for reading and writing and art to students throughout the bay area. By coming to your school and creating books with classes and giving each child their own copy of their work, With supplies to let them keep creating long after I'm gone.

Help Us Bring The Art Of Story Telling To Our Young One's

Crumb Bum Kids

is a 501c3 status


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